Basic knowledge of storage shelves



Basic knowledge of storage shelves

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 Introduction to the shelf

Shelves generally refer to shelves for storing goods. Shelves are storage devices used to store finished items. Shelves are an indispensable part of modern warehouses. Choosing suitable and high-quality shelves can improve the level and efficiency of warehouse management, and can also reduce the cost of warehouse management. Understanding the classification and characteristics of shelves can better play the role of shelves. Next, professional Rivet Shelving manufacturer Jindeshun Metalware will introduce the types and characteristics of shelf shelves in detail.

The shelf overview

1. Shelf type shelves.
Shelf-type racks are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plates, rolled and stamped, easy to disassemble, easy to adjust, flexible combination, and highly transformable. Shelf-type racks can increase or decrease the number of layers according to customer placement requirements to achieve the best storage. Effect.
It is suitable for manual access to lighter goods. Shelf-type racks can be used with plastic turnover boxes to store various small products. Anti-static functions can be realized by changing plastic spray powder or laying special rubber sheets. Shelf-type racks have low cost and safety Reliable, easy to assemble and disassemble, it can be used alone or can be freely spliced into various arrangements. Shelf type racks can realize the transfer function by adding universal wheels on the ground.

Types and characteristics of shelf racks

The shelf span (ie length) of the shelf unit shelf should not be too long, and the depth (ie width) of the unit shelf should not be too deep. According to the load capacity of each layer of the shelf unit shelf, it can be divided into light, medium and heavy shelf shelves. There are mainly two types of steel laminates and wood laminates.
(1) Light shelving racks:
The weight of each layer of the light shelf-type shelf unit shelf is less than 200kg, and the total load is generally not more than 2000kg. The span of the unit shelf is usually not more than 2 meters, the depth is not more than 1 meter, and the height is generally less than 3 meters. The common light shelf type shelf is the angle steel column shelf structure, which is light and beautiful in appearance, and is mainly suitable for storing light and small items. Light-duty shelving racks have less capital investment and are widely used in factories, shopping malls, light industry, schools, hospitals and other industries.

(2) Medium-sized shelf racks:
The load capacity of each layer of medium-sized shelf-type shelving unit shelves is generally between 200 and 800 kg, and the total load is generally not more than 5000 kg. The span of the unit shelf is usually not more than 2.6m, the depth is not more than 1m, and the height of the medium-sized shelf is generally less than 3m. If the span of the unit shelf is less than 2m and the layer load is less than 500kg, it is usually more suitable to choose the medium-sized shelf without beam; if the span of the unit shelf is more than 2m, generally only the medium-sized shelf with beam can be selected.
Compared with beam-type medium-sized shelves, beam-free medium-sized shelves have more room for adjustment of layer spacing, are more stable and beautiful, have better coordination with the environment, and are more suitable for some warehouses with higher cleanliness requirements; beam-type medium-sized shelves Medium-sized shelf racks have stronger industrial characteristics and are more suitable for storing metal structure products. Medium-sized shelving racks are widely used in all walks of life.
(3) Heavy-duty shelving racks:
The load of each layer of heavy-duty shelf-type unit shelves is usually between 500 and 1500kg, the span of the unit shelf is generally within 3m, the depth is within 1.2m, and the height is not limited, and usually heavy-duty shelf-type shelves are combined with heavy-duty pallet shelves. Coexistence, the following layers of heavy-duty shelf-type shelves are shelf-type, manual access operations, and the parts with a height of more than 2m are usually pallet-type shelves, and forklifts are used for access operations.
Heavy-duty shelf racks are mainly used in situations that require both full pallet access and zero storage and zero retrieval. Heavy-duty shelf racks are more common in large warehouse supermarkets and logistics centers.
The above is the whole content of the types and characteristics of metal shelf racks brought by today's metal shelf rack manufacturers. If you need to buy rack racks, you can contact Jindeshun Metalware. We sell a large number of metal storage racks with excellent quality and low price. , looking forward to your call: 0086-198-5320-8852.

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