What points should be paid attention to when planning storage shelves?



What points should be paid attention to when planning storage shelves?

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Shelving, it has become an important tool for warehouse modernization and efficiency improvement, and its share of market demand is also increasing, and more and more enterprise warehouses have used storage shelves or are planning storage shelves. But how to plan storage racks quickly and well? As an experienced storage rack manufacturer, Jindeshun Metalware will briefly talk about 6 important issues that need to be considered when planning storage racks.

1. When planning warehouse shelves, it is first necessary to clarify the type, size and quantity of goods stored on the shelves. It is necessary to first determine what goods are stored on the shelves. When planning the storage shelves, it is necessary to determine the load capacity of each layer according to the weight of the storage shelves, and reasonably design the load capacity of the shelves.

2. Try to choose shelves with strong load-bearing capacity within the budget.

3. Cargo handling methods: Generally, there are two types: manual handling and forklift handling. When manual handling is used, the shelf should not be too high; when forklift handling is used, it is necessary to understand the lifting height of the forklift that has been used in the customer warehouse to plan and design the shelf. The height, the height of the storage rack and the lifting height of the forklift are mutual influences and constraints.

4. Shelf access: It is necessary to know that the relationship between the storage of heavy-duty shelves () and the density of the warehouse is not at the same time. Usually, the accessibility of goods is reduced in order to provide storage density.

5. Warehouse passages (forklift operation passage, fire passage): When planning storage shelves, the warehouse area is divided into two parts, the middle is the forklift operation passage, the shelves are placed on both sides, and the required width is vacated between the shelves and the shelves. The turning radius of the forklift should also be considered. Forklift operation channel = minimum turning radius + front overhang (distance from the center of the front wheel to the fork surface) + cargo length + 200mm. Normally, the smaller the channel, the more difficult it is to operate. The higher the requirements, the more reasonable the forklift operation channel should be reserved, and the reasonable fire safety channel should also be considered.

6. Warehouse plant structure One point to consider when designing heavy-duty shelves is the plant warehouse structure;
1) The lighting system and fire protection system of the shelf warehouse, the planning of the warehouse shelf takes into account the available clear height of the warehouse, that is, the distance from the lowest obstacle (lighting system, etc.) at the top of the shelf warehouse to the warehouse floor, not the highest height of the warehouse;
2) The bearing capacity of the floor, because this affects the installation of the shelves and the load-bearing capacity of the shelves;
3) The position of the pillars and beams, these two points also affect the overall placement of the shelves;
4) The height of the warehouse, it is necessary to know that the height of the warehouse determines the height of the shelves;
5) Ground civil construction, whether there are pipelines underground, if there are pipelines, they should be reasonably avoided.
Well, the above is the whole content of shelf planning brought to you by Jindeshun Metalware. Generally, when planning storage shelves, it is necessary to clarify the type, size and quantity of goods stored on the shelves; choose shelves with strong load-bearing capacity; need to consider shelf handling methods ; Shelf access and other issues, I hope the above content will be helpful for you to plan shelves. For more information on shelves, please refer to our previous articles:
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