Basic knowledge and selection of shelves



Basic knowledge and selection of shelves

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This is an article introducing the basic knowledge and selection of shelves. In the article, Jindeshun Metalware, a metal products manufacturer, will introduce the characteristics of automatic three-dimensional warehouse shelves, Rivet Shelving and other shelves in detail.

Automated three-dimensional warehouse racking equipment

Mobile Rack The picture below shows the Pallet mobile rack. According to the size of the load, mobile racks can be divided into two types: pallets and containers. One side channel of this kind of shelf is used for storage and the other side channel is used for picking up goods, and the goods are placed on rollers.
The shelves are tilted slightly towards the pickup direction. The size of this inclination angle can be determined according to the actual situation. Utilize the gravitational force of the goods to automatically slide the goods towards the export direction, waiting to be taken out. The characteristics of this shelf are as follows
1. Goods for bulk storage and short-term delivery
2. For first-in, first-out goods. Container (box) mobile rack, as shown in Figure 2, is suitable for picking operations of small batches and multiple varieties.
3. Fast installation and easy to move
4. Suitable for warehouses of supermarkets, logistics centers and direct mail order companies. The storage space of pallet mobile racks is about 50% more than that of ordinary pallet racks.
5. It is convenient for manual picking, and a display can be installed to realize computer-assisted picking operations.
6. The space utilization rate can reach 85%.
7. Suitable for general forklift operations.
8. The height is limited, generally below 6m.
Figure 1 Pallet mobile rack
Figure 2 Container (box) mobile rack

2. Mobile Shelves

This kind of rack is also called a power rack, which can move on a horizontal linear guide through the motor drive device at the bottom of the rack.
Generally, there are control devices and switches, which can move the shelves within 30 seconds, and the trucks can enter and store the goods, as shown in Figure 3. In addition, this kind of shelf has a variable frequency control function, which can control the speed when driving and stopping to prevent the items on the shelf from shaking, tilting or dumping. A photoelectric sensor for positioning and a gear motor that can be braked are also installed in its proper position, which improves the positioning accuracy. Table 1 is the specification table of mobile racks. This mobile shelf features
Generally, fixed racks have a lot of storage capacity and save space.
Suitable for small varieties, large quantities, and low frequency storage.
Save the floor area, the ground utilization rate reaches 80%
Direct access to each item is not subject to FIFO restrictions.
The height can reach 12m, and the storage capacity per unit area can reach about 2 times that of the pallet rack.
High cost and slow construction.
Figure 3 How Mobile Shelves work

3. Push-back racks

The so-called push-back rack means that when the goods reached by the forklift are stored in the rack from the front, the goods will push the original goods to the rear, as shown in Figure 4. When picking up goods from the front, since the rack slide rails are inclined forward, the goods in the rear automatically slide to the front to be picked up.
Features of this shelf:
The storage density is high, but the accessibility is poor. Generally, there are 3 storage positions in the depth direction, and up to 5 storage positions.
It saves 1/3 space than the general pallet rack and increases the storage space
Applicable to general forklift access.
It is suitable for the storage of small varieties and large quantities of items.
Heavy items should not be stored.
The cargo automatically slides to the front storage position.
First-in, first-out access is not possible.
Figure 4 How the push back shelf works

4. Light Shelving: Features of Rivet Shelving

The design of Rivet Shelving is the same as that of pallet racks, but the structure is lighter. Rivet Shelving is ideal for storing light-weight, low-volume items such as boxes and loose items. Because Rivet Shelving is easy to disassemble, shockproof and durable, and fixed with hooks or bolts, the storage height and interval can be adjusted freely. This Rivet Shelving is best suited for small items storage in offices, shops, warehouses and logistics centers. The height of Rivet Shelving is generally less than 4m. According to the bearing capacity of each layer of Rivet Shelving separator, it can be divided into t

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