Galvanized Shelve Selection Guide



Galvanized Shelve Selection Guide

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If there is a warehouse, there is a Galvanized Shelve. The choice of Shelve affects the storage type of goods in the warehouse and the use of space, so it must be paid attention to.
The biggest difference between a shelf warehouse and a flat warehouse is that the shelf warehouse improves the storage capacity per unit area and makes full use of the warehouse space. The cost of the bit is lower.
For Galvanized Shelve, choose from a long-term perspective, and remember not to cause unnecessary trouble in order to save.
To analyze based on the previous storage data, find out the most suitable type of Galvanized Shelve, don't choose the beam type Galvanized Shelve arbitrarily to deal with.

1 Arbitrarily selecting the result of the Galvanized Shelve will cause two situations to occur:

One is liquidation, and the other is inefficiency.
For example, in a warehouse, the turnover of goods is very fast, such as the model of front store and back field. After the products of the previous production line are produced, they will be directly stored in the warehouse.
If Galvanized Shelve is not properly sourced and designed, liquidation and inefficiency will follow. First, when the goods arrive in the warehouse, and the Galvanized Shelve space is wasted, the number of goods stored is limited, and warehouse explosion occurs.
In addition, the unreasonable design of the channel and the poor coordination between the height and the forklift will inevitably lead to a decrease in efficiency and a crisis of warehouse explosion.

2 Factors to Consider When Buying Galvanized Shelve

1. Installation location
2. Beam height
3. Number of beam layers
4. Maximum unit load
5. Load placement method and loading method
6. Component connection form

3 Warehousing Galvanized Shelve changes need attention

a) The change of the storage Galvanized Shelve will cause the safe carrying capacity, and the original supplier should be asked to evaluate and operate.
b) During the change of storage Galvanized Shelve, it should be unloaded.
c) When all changes to the Galvanized Shelve structure have been completed, the changed Safe Load Sign shall be replaced.
d) For storage Galvanized Shelve with back support, when the position of the beam is changed, the position of the support node should be changed and the horizontal support between the beams should be repositioned.
e) No additions or changes to the Storage Galvanized Shelve shall be made by welding or bolting unless approved by the Designer of the Storage Galvanized Shelve.

4 Analysis of Galvanized Shelve Scheme

1) Beam type Galvanized Shelve
Among all the Galvanized Shelve types mentioned above, the most worry-free and labor-saving solution is the beam type Galvanized Shelve, because this type of Galvanized Shelve is suitable for almost all products, and you don't need to use your brain at all, because a ranking can only Putting a pallet of goods, the utilization rate of the ranking is either 100% or 0.
2) Drive-in Galvanized Shelve, Shuttle Galvanized Shelve
The drive-in Galvanized Shelve and the shuttle Galvanized Shelve are a little more complicated, because a ranking can hold as little as 4 or 5 pallets, and as many as 10 pallets of goods, so when designing, you need to consider the depth of the ranking. Number, this is knowledge, unreasonable design may cause, for example, on the surface, the planned number of storage disks is large, but the actual storage is very small, this is a typical depth number design is large, ranking In the case of low load rate.
For products produced by customers, the characteristics of each SKU are large batches and small batches, so it is very suitable to use Galvanized Shelve with large depth, such as drive-in and shuttle. So, next, let's simply make a comparison between the beam type and the shuttle type Galvanized Shelve.

5 Comparison of beam type and shuttle type Galvanized Shelve

In terms of storage capacity, assuming that there are two warehouses of 5,000 square meters each, warehouse A all use the beam type Galvanized Shelve, most warehouse B uses the shuttle Galvanized Shelve (5 depth), and then configure a small amount of beam type Galvanized Shelve, then, everyone After the design is completed, look at the warehouse layout. The most intuitive feeling is that the number of forklift aisles in warehouse A is significantly more than that in warehouse B, and the density of Galvanized Shelve in warehouse B is higher. This also explains the liquidation problem. If the shuttle Galvanized Shelve is used, the liquidation problem can be alleviated to a certain extent.
In terms of the efficiency of forklift loading and unloading, assuming that 5 trays of products with the same code and the same batch are to be taken out from the cross-beam Galvanized Shelve warehouse and the shuttle Galvanized Shelve warehouse, then the forklift driver operating in the cross-beam Galvanized Shelve warehouse must be To complete the pick-up and drop-off and transfer to the stocking area from 5 different ranks (possibly in different areas), the forklift driver of the shuttle vehicle Galvanized Shelve warehouse may only need to pick up the goods in sequence from 1 rank Walk.
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