What does Hand Trolley do? What are the types of Hand Trolley?



What does Hand Trolley do? What are the types of Hand Trolley?

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Hand Trolley is a commonly used transport vehicle. It is mainly used to transport some small and light goods. It can reduce the difficulty of transportation, transport goods more easily, and avoid tripping in the middle. It is widely used in warehousing, logistics, and storefronts. , shopping malls and other fields. There are many types of Hand Trolleys. According to the number of wheels, they can be divided into single-wheel, two-wheel, three-wheel, and four-wheel Hand Trolley. According to the use of casters, they can be divided into horizontal type and balance type Hand Trolley. Floor type, folding type, lift type, attached ladder type Hand Trolley, different types can be selected according to different operation needs. Let's follow the professional Hand Trolley manufacturer Jindeshun Metalware to understand the role and types of Hand Trolley.

1. Introduction to Hand Trolley

The Hand Trolley is a transport vehicle that is pushed and pulled by manpower. It is generally made of stainless steel, plastic, aluminum profiles and other materials. According to different operating requirements, there are different body structures. It is composed of mesh plate, steel column and wheel, equipped with rolling shaft, and the wheel adopts solid tire or pneumatic tire.

2. The role of Hand Trolley

The function of the Hand Trolley is to act as a turnover vehicle for handling goods. When handling some relatively small and light goods, it is more convenient to use the Hand Trolley, and the use of the Hand Trolley can reduce the difficulty of manual transportation, reduce back fatigue, and reduce the amount of time when transporting goods. The number of trips in the process is widely used in food, medical, chemical, warehousing, storefronts, shopping malls and other industries due to the advantages of low cost, simple maintenance, convenient operation and light weight.

3. Types of Hand Trolley

As a kind of manual handling vehicle, Hand Trolley is more convenient to use, and it has many types, which can be divided into different types according to different classification standards:

1. According to the number of wheels

(1) Hand Trolley:
The one-wheeler Hand Trolley can be driven on narrow ramps, commuter bridges and guttural trails, and can steer in place, making it easy to dump cargo.
(2) Two rounds of Hand Trolley:
There are mainly tiger trucks, rack trucks and bucket trucks for handling bulk materials.
(3) Three rounds of Hand Trolley:
Compared with the two-wheeled vehicle, the three-wheeled Hand Trolley has an additional swivel caster that can rotate around the vertical axis, which can automatically adjust to the direction with the least running resistance as the vehicle's moving direction changes.
(4) Four-wheel Hand Trolley:
The four-wheeled Hand Trolley has two swivel casters that can swivel around a vertical axis.

2. According to the use of casters

(1)Hand Trolley with casters:
One end is two fixed casters, and the other end is two movable swivel casters or movable swivel casters with brakes. The height of the flat-mounted Hand Trolley is generally lower.
(2) Caster Balanced Hand Trolley:
All four wheels are swivel casters, with high flexibility, and the caster balance Hand Trolley is suitable for light loads.
(3) Six-caster Balanced Hand Trolley:
There are six wheels, two fixed casters in the middle and two swivel casters on each end.

3. According to the purpose

(1) Three-dimensional multi-layer type: The space for storing items is increased, and the traditional veneer countertop is changed to a multi-layer countertop. The three-dimensional multi-layer Hand Trolley is more convenient to pick up goods and is often used for picking.
(2) Foldable: In order to facilitate carrying, the Hand Trolley is designed in a foldable form, generally the push rod can be folded, which is very convenient to use and carry.
(3) Lifting type: Equipped with a lifting table, handling small and heavy metal products or in the handling occasions where manual movement is difficult, but when a stacker cannot be used, the liftable Hand Trolley can be used. .
(4) Ladder-attached type: The Hand Trolley with a ladder is mainly used in logistics centers, and this kind of Hand Trolley is used when the shelf height is relatively high.
Through the above introduction of Hand Trolley manufacturer Jindeshun Metalware, I believe that everyone has a clear understanding of the classification of Hand Trolley. More information about metal products is continuously updated, and we will see you in the next issue.

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