Meet Galvanized Boltless Shelving



Meet Galvanized Boltless Shelving

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Galvanized Boltless Shelving is an important tool for modern warehouses to improve efficiency. With the rapid economic development, a large number of foreign-funded enterprises flood into my country, which not only drives the development of the local economy, but also brings new management concepts and management techniques. Next, Jindeshun Metalware, a Chinese manufacturer of Galvanized Boltless Shelving, will introduce the basics of Galvanized Boltless Shelving and help you get started with Galvanized Boltless Shelving.

1. The role of Galvanized Boltless Shelving

It can make full use of warehouse space, improve the utilization rate of warehouse capacity, and expand warehouse storage capacity;
Easy access to goods, first-in-first-out, 100% selection ability, and smooth inventory turnover;
The goods in the warehouse Galvanized Boltless Shelving are clear at a glance, which is convenient for important management tasks such as inventory, division and measurement;
To meet the storage and centralized management needs of large quantities of goods and a wide variety of products, and with mechanical handling tools, the storage and handling work can also be stored in an orderly manner;
Galvanized Boltless Shelving meets the management needs of modern enterprises with low-cost, low-loss, and high-efficiency logistics supply chains.
Galvanized Boltless Shelving plays a very important role in modern logistics activities. The modernization of warehouse management is directly related to the type and function of Galvanized Boltless Shelving. The functions and functions of Galvanized Boltless Shelving are as follows:
Galvanized Boltless Shelving is a rack-type structure that can make full use of warehouse space, improve storage capacity utilization, and expand warehouse storage capacity.
The goods stored in Galvanized Boltless Shelving do not squeeze each other, and the material loss is small, which can completely guarantee the function of the material itself and reduce the loss of the goods.

The goods in Galvanized Boltless Shelving are easy to access, easy to count and measure, and can be first in first out. To ensure the quality of stored goods, measures such as moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-theft, and anti-destructive measures can be taken to improve the quality of material storage.
The structure and function of many new Galvanized Boltless Shelving facilitate the mechanization and automation of warehouse management.

2. Notes on Galvanized Boltless Shelving

1) Prevent overloading. Each Galvanized Boltless Shelving has its maximum load, which is destined when it is designed, so do not force the load during use to avoid potential safety hazards.
2) Ultra-high and ultra-wide are also things to pay attention to.
The height and width of Galvanized Boltless Shelving have certain numerical limits. In order to increase the storage capacity of Galvanized Boltless Shelving, some manufacturers may privately stretch the height and width of Galvanized Boltless Shelving. The result of stretching is Galvanized The use of Boltless Shelving is subject to certain restrictions.
3) Anti-collision ability.
This is mainly for the mobile Galvanized Boltless Shelving. When moving the Galvanized Boltless Shelving, you should be careful to move, and should not cause certain damage due to impact.
4) When Galvanized Boltless Shelving stores goods, avoid personnel from entering the bottom of Galvanized Boltless Shelving, safety first.
5) Although it is said that the warehouse Galvanized Boltless Shelving has been surface-treated, it is also necessary to pay attention to moisture-proof during use.
Galvanized Boltless Shelving needs to be wiped clean with a rag after getting wet to avoid rusting of the Galvanized Boltless Shelving. Special attention should be paid to the interface position of the Galvanized Boltless Shelving, which is the place where it is easy to rust.
6) To abide by the principle of Galvanized Boltless Shelving, which places light objects on the top and heavy objects on the bottom.
Galvanized Boltless Shelving has many advantages: it can make full use of warehouse space and improve the utilization rate of warehouse capacity; it is also convenient for goods access; it can meet the management needs of modern enterprises with low cost, low loss and high efficiency of logistics supply chain. Galvanized Boltless Shelving requires attention to prevent overloading, moisture and impact during use.
The above is all about Galvanized Boltless Shelving brought to you by Jindeshun Metalware. I hope this article can help you understand the function and precautions of Galvanized Boltless Shelving.
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