High-Level Rivet Shelving Safety Operation Specifications



High-Level Rivet Shelving Safety Operation Specifications

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Today, a professional Rivet Shelving manufacturer Jindeshun Metalware will introduce the safe operation knowledge of high-level Rivet Shelving. The article will focus on three aspects: stacking of high-level Rivet Shelving, forklift operation, and personnel management, to help everyone use Rivet Shelving better.

1. Safe stacking of high-level Rivet Shelving

1. Only 1200㎜ standard pallets are used in the high-rise Rivet Shelving, the height of each pallet (including pallet height) shall not exceed 900㎜, and the weight of each pallet shall not exceed 500㎏ (the weight of each pallet on the top floor shall not exceed 200㎏).
2. It is forbidden to use non-standard wooden pallets on Rivet Shelving.
3. Super height and width are prohibited. The floor height and floor width of Rivet Shelving have been limited, and the size of the pallet board and goods should be slightly smaller than the net space by more than 100mm.
4. Overloading is prohibited. The weight of each unit layer of goods stored must not exceed the maximum load (1700kg) designed by Rivet Shelving. The principle of stacking should be to put light goods on the top floor and heavy goods on the bottom floor.
5. It is forbidden to use broken wooden pallets on Rivet Shelving.
6. It is forbidden to stack sporadic and bulk goods that are not palletized or fully packaged on the Rivet Shelving above the second floor.


2. Forklift operation in high-rise Rivet Shelving

1. In addition to having the second certificate, the forklift driver must also pass the special on-site assessment of the warehouse management personnel.
2. It is forbidden to hit the beam of Rivet Shelving when the forklift is operating. During the operation of the forklift, it should be handled as slowly as possible, and handled with care.
3. When the forklift is operating, the top-heavy, light-footed and tilted goods are prohibited. Cargo and cargo surface should be kept neat and consistent.
4. When driving a forklift, pay close attention to the up and down, left and right, and front and rear conditions. Do not be careless during operation and cause unnecessary accidents.

3. Prohibition of unauthorized personnel from entering the warehouse

1. Personnel entering the high-rise Rivet Shelving must wear safety helmets. Access to the high-level Rivet Shelving area is prohibited for unauthorized personnel. In particular, any other work in the upper Rivet Shelving area is strictly prohibited. In case of violation, Rivet Shelving administrators and other operating personnel will assume the same security responsibilities.
2. High-level Rivet Shelving management personnel are responsible for guiding and managing anyone who enters the Rivet Shelving area with special needs.
3. When there is cargo above the Rivet Shelving, no one is allowed to directly enter the bottom of the Rivet Shelving.
4. If Rivet Shelving management personnel find any damage to the beams and columns of Rivet Shelving, they should report to the department in time.
Strictly following the above high-level Rivet Shelving operation specifications can greatly improve operational safety. I hope the above content is helpful to you. For more information about Rivet Shelving, please refer to our local news column.

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