Shelf testing standards and items



Shelf testing standards and items

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Warehouse racks refer to stretchers used for placing goods in warehouses. They are generally used in industrial warehouses, and focus more on upward development, making full use of storage space. The maximum height can reach more than 40 meters. Generally, the height of the supermarket shelf is the peak height, and the ordinary shelf is generally 3--5 meters.


Shelf inspection


Classification of shelves:


(1) Traditional shelves. Including: layer racks, layer format racks, drawer racks, cabinet racks, U-shaped racks, cantilever racks, grid racks, saddle racks, gas tank steel cylinder racks, tire-specific racks, etc.


(2) New Century Shelves. Including: rotary shelves, mobile shelves, assembled shelves, adjustable shelves, pallet shelves, car-in shelves, high-rise shelves, attic shelves, gravity shelves, screen-mounted shelves, etc.


Shelf detection range:


Shelves, storage racks, heavy duty racks, loft racks, stainless steel racks, supermarket racks, warehouse racks, convenience store racks, titanium alloy racks, pallet racks, angle steel racks, wooden racks, roller racks, etc.


Shelf inspection items:


Load-bearing testing, safety testing, performance testing, fire testing, sterility testing, accelerated life testing, support integrity testing, verticality offset testing, bottom horizontal offset testing, horizontal deformation testing, impact point testing, actual load testing, Load-bearing test, anti-corrosion test, anti-static test, compression set test, drop weight test, drop weight impact test, longitudinal tension test, thermal shock test, thermal shock resistance test, contact angle test, multi-stress creep recovery test, Cyclic thermal shock test, rebound coefficient determination, moment of inertia test, vertical deformation test, shock absorption test, anti-collision test, deformation test, electrostatic grounding test, load test, distance test, anchor bolt torque test, magnetic particle inspection, Ultrasonic flaw detection, etc.


Shelf inspection standard:


GB/T 27924-2011 Specifications, Dimensions and Rated Loads of Industrial Shelves


GB/T 30675-2014 Attic shelf


GB/T 39830-2021 Code for Seismic Design of Steel Structure Shelves of Three-dimensional Warehouses


JB/T 5323-2017 Three-dimensional warehouse welded steel structure shelves technical conditions


JB/T 11270-2011 Three-dimensional warehouse combined steel structure racking technical conditions


SB/T 10166-1993 Metal Light Combination Shelf


SB/T 10843-2012 Metal Combination Shelves


WB/T 1042-2012 Shelf Terminology


WB/T 1044-2012 Pallet rack


WB/T 1075-2018 Cantilever rack


WB/T 1074-2018 Gravity Shelf


WB/T 1066-2017 Technical conditions for rack installation and acceptance


WB/T 1076-2018 Shelves for cold storage


WB/T 1077-2018 Shelving Shelf

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