Seven Important Factors to Consider in Warehousing Rivet Shelving Planning



Seven Important Factors to Consider in Warehousing Rivet Shelving Planning

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For the benefits of warehousing Rivet Shelving, I believe that many companies will recognize it, and more and more enterprise warehouses have already used warehousing Rivet Shelving or are planning warehousing Rivet Shelving. But how to plan warehousing Rivet Shelving quickly and well? This requires a combination of warehouses, goods, forklifts and other aspects. As a warehousing Rivet Shelving manufacturer for more than ten years, Rivet Shelving manufacturer Jindeshun Metalware briefly talks about seven important issues to consider when planning warehousing Rivet Shelving.

1. Determine the variety of goods stored by Rivet Shelving

When planning the warehouse Rivet Shelving, it is necessary to first determine what goods are stored. When planning the warehouse Rivet Shelving, it is necessary to determine the load capacity of each layer according to the storage Rivet Shelving weight, and reasonably design the load capacity of the Rivet Shelving.

2. The height of Rivet Shelving cargo plus pallet

When planning warehousing, Rivet Shelving takes into account the available clear height of the warehouse, that is, the distance from the lowest obstacle (lighting system, etc.) at the top of the warehouse to the floor of the warehouse, rather than the highest height of the warehouse. This factor will affect whether the forklift can work normally. At the same time, the height of the cargo plus the pallet will also be taken into account, which directly affects the storage safety of the cargo and the setting of the size of the cargo space.

3. Dimensions of Rivet Shelving Tray

Pallet Rivet Shelving is a type of Rivet Shelving for the purpose of storing and storing palletized goods. It configures pallets of appropriate size and sets pallet positions to facilitate the storage and retrieval of goods. It is widely used in all walks of life. The appropriate size can be selected according to the characteristics of the goods and customer needs.
Fourth, the layout of the warehouse
When planning warehousing Rivet Shelving, it is necessary to reasonably plan the layout of the warehouse, improve the continuity of operations, realize one-time operations, reduce the number of loading and unloading, shorten the handling distance, the shortest handling distance, the minimum handling link, and make the warehouse complete certain tasks. At the same time, attention should be paid to the business connection and information transmission between the workplaces and departments to ensure the reasonable layout of the warehouse.

5. Warehouse passages (forklift operation passages, fire passages)

When planning warehousing Rivet Shelving, the warehouse area is divided into two parts, the middle is the forklift operation channel, and Rivet Shelving is placed on both sides, and the required width for operation is vacated between Rivet Shelving and Rivet Shelving. Channel = minimum turning radius + front overhang (distance from front wheel center to fork surface) + cargo length + 200mm, under normal circumstances, the smaller the channel, the more difficult it is to operate, and the higher the requirements for forklift drivers. At the same time as the forklift operation channel, it is also necessary to consider setting aside a reasonable fire safety channel.

6. Ground civil construction (is there any underground pipelines and need to be avoided)

Carry out scientific planning and overall design according to the number, scale, geographical location of warehouses, warehouse facilities and roads and other factors, and consider factors such as the maximum load/ton per square meter on the warehouse floor, and whether there are pipelines under the warehouse. If there are pipelines, it must be reasonable Avoid.

7 Forklift lift height

It is necessary to know the lifting height of the forklift used in the customer's warehouse to plan and design the Rivet Shelving height. The height of the warehouse Rivet Shelving and the lifting height of the forklift are mutually influenced and restricted!
Well, the above is the whole content of Rivet Shelving planning brought by Rivet Shelving seller Jindeshun Metalware. I hope the above content can help you better plan Rivet Shelving. For more information about Rivet Shelving, please click below:
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