What are the advantages of dense storage shelves?



What are the advantages of dense storage shelves?

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Shelves are found in all aspects of our lives. However, the shelves used in the warehousing industry are not supermarket shelves, but heavy-duty shelves, which can store many heavy goods and make rational use of warehouse space.


Storage shelves can be divided into traditional heavy-duty shelves, intensive storage shelves and automated shelves. You may not know much about intensive storage shelves. In fact, the difference between dense storage shelves and ordinary heavy-duty shelves is that the structure of the shelves is more compact, and the most reasonable storage space can be designed to ensure that more items can be stored. So what are the advantages of dense storage shelves? Let's find out.


1. Space rationality


When designing dense storage shelves, it is necessary to understand the space of the warehouse, reasonably divide the space of each part, and make the shelves have more storage space. If you do not pay attention to the rationality of space division when designing dense storage shelves, the use value of the shelves will not be very high, and it will not meet the needs of use.


2. Improve warehouse space utilization


The advantage of dense storage shelves is the full use of space. For a business, it is necessary to store more goods in limited warehouse space to save costs. Dense storage shelves can meet the needs of businesses. Since the dense storage shelves are different from the traditional heavy-duty shelves, the shelf channels are eliminated, so that more rows of shelves can be designed, sufficient warehouse space, and increased storage capacity.


3. Automation


Some dense storage racks have automation features that automatically store and count goods. Through the computer management system, the operator can clearly understand the storage situation of the goods, which shows that the shelves have high practical value and can bring more efficient work to the enterprise.

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