Several things to pay attention to when customizing heavy duty shelves



Several things to pay attention to when customizing heavy duty shelves

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When purchasing high-level heavy-duty shelves, you need to pay attention to the design of the shelves. The most important thing for high-level shelves is the stability of the shelves. For storage shelves, the higher the height of the shelf design, the worse the shelf stability, so how to improve the stability of high-level heavy-duty shelves is a very important factor. In addition to designing heavy-duty shelves, several other conditions must be paid attention to.


1. The size information of the shelf can be designed according to the warehouse


The design of the size of the high-level heavy-duty shelf needs to refer to the situation of the warehouse site, such as the height of the warehouse, the ground environment, and the weight and size of the stored goods. These information will become the reference when designing the shelf. Normally, such heavy-duty racks use pallets to store goods, which means that the size of the pallet is also very important. The width of the column sheet and the length of the beam can be determined by determining the size of the pallet.


2. The number of layers of shelves


The number of shelf layers determines the height of the shelf. Usually, the height of the high-level heavy-duty shelf is relatively high. The purpose of this is to adapt to those large enterprise warehouses. Ensure that the warehouse space can be maximized and the warehouse storage capacity can be increased.


3. Shelf safety


The safety of shelves is very important. The safety of shelves will not only affect the integrity of the goods in the warehouse, but also affect the personal safety of warehouse employees more seriously. Therefore, when installing the shelf, you can install related accessories on the shelf to improve the overall stability of the shelf.


The characteristic of high-level heavy-duty shelves is that the height of the shelves is high. This type of shelf is mainly to deal with some warehouses because of the high height. The ordinary shelves cannot make good use of the upper space, so the high-level shelves were born. When using high-level heavy-duty shelves, special attention should be paid to the quality of the shelves and the safety of the shelves. Problems may arise in the later use of evacuation.

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