The difference between heavy storage shelves and medium storage shelves



The difference between heavy storage shelves and medium storage shelves

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If you summarize the difference between the two warehouse shelves in a simple sentence, it is that the medium-sized storage shelves are suitable for medium-sized warehouses and store goods that are not too heavy, and the heavy-duty warehouse shelves are suitable for large-scale warehouses to store heavy goods. Specifically, it can be roughly distinguished from the following aspects: shelf structure, shelf size, shelf transportation and disassembly, and shelf load-bearing.


1. The structure of the shelf is different


Medium storage racks are assembled from uprights, beams and laminates. The independent group has two columns, called the main shelf. The medium-sized storage rack has no bolts, is easy to install and has a reliable structure. The use of steel pressure strips, columns and beams, the entire shelf does not need bolts, easy installation and disassembly. The main and auxiliary connection form is adopted, and the stability is strong.


The main components of heavy-duty warehouse shelves are uprights, beams, and some accessories for storing palletized goods. The size of the cargo space on the shelf is designed according to the storage target and the size of the pallet, and some accessories such as anti-collision columns and anti-collision guardrails will be added to avoid the collision between the forklift and the shelf.


2. Different shelf sizes


Common specifications and sizes of medium-sized storage shelves: 2000*600*2000 and 1500*600*2000, easy to install, and the storage method is mainly manual access.


Heavy-duty shelves do not have specific specifications and dimensions, they are all customized. Usually, the goods are accessed by forklifts. The height of the shelves mainly considers the available clear height of the warehouse and the lifting height of the forklifts. Most of them are more than 3 meters, and the highest can reach more than 10 meters.


3. Transportation, installation and disassembly of shelves


Medium-sized storage shelves are also called shelf-type shelves, with simple structure, columns and laminates, small size, light weight, convenient transportation and installation, no screws for shelf combination, direct buckle and lap joint, and easy disassembly.


Heavy-duty warehouse shelves have large carrying capacity and high height. In order to ensure the stability and safety of the shelves, holes need to be drilled during installation, and the shelves need to be fixed on the ground with expansion bolts, so the expansion bolts need to be pulled up when dismantling.


4. The load-bearing capacity of the shelves is different


The load-bearing capacity of medium-sized storage shelves is generally 200kg-300kg. The load-bearing capacity of heavy-duty warehouse shelves is generally more than one ton, and it is also common to exceed one ton.

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