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How can custom loft-style shelves save costs?

Date: 2022-09-30 Viewed: 442

Many storage shelves are large industrial products, mainly used for enterprise warehouse management and goods storage. Basically, it is purchased from shelf manufacturers and used in large quantities, and the purchase cost is not low. Therefore, many companies will try their best to save procurement costs and try to buy warehouse shelves that are cost-effective. So how can custom loft-style shelves save costs?


Generally speaking, the price of good quality loft-style shelves will be higher. Quality can be assessed from two aspects: material thickness and shelf surface treatment, which are the two main factors affecting shelf quality. If you want to save on purchase cost, you can only use thinner material and the finish will be poor. There is also the option of laying planks in the attic, which will be cheaper than laying steel.


But the pursuit of cost performance is not a blind pursuit of low prices, which means that both materials and craftsmanship have shrunk. Attic shelves are multi-layer shelves, generally designed for 2-3 layers. People need to go to the attic to pick up the goods, so the structure must be stable, the load-bearing and the quality of the materials must be guaranteed, otherwise the shelves will shake or even collapse and other unsafe situations.


Therefore, in order to save costs, custom attic shelves must be customized according to their actual needs. For example, if the load-bearing capacity is 300kg/m², there is no need to customize a larger load-bearing capacity.

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