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Which logistics loading units are required for the drive-through racks?

Date: 2022-10-17 Viewed: 585

The drive-through rack is one of the common intensive storage systems, also known as "drive-in rack". Compared with other shelves, the biggest feature is that there is no beam structure, or a hidden beam structure is used. The through-type shelf has low cost, simple structure and low maintenance cost in the later period. And can achieve very high storage rate. Its structure also breaks the single-layer height setting of the shelf, which can be combined at will and has strong matching performance.


Although the advantages of through-type shelves are great, the disadvantages are also fatal. Heavy goods cannot be used. The hidden beam structure of the through-shelf will make the weight of the entire loading unit concentrated at the center point without any support. Even the sturdy pallet cannot bear the weight of heavy goods such as metal castings. Therefore, through-type shelves exist more in the express delivery industry, tobacco industry, light industry, etc.


Beam rack


What would be the requirements for a matching pallet for a feed-through rack? Due to the through-type rack, the force point is small, and the load-bearing and toughness of the pallet are very large. Therefore, wooden pallets generally cannot be applied to through-type shelves. We need heavy duty and stronger plastic or metal pallets as the main loading unit.

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