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Introduction to the structural characteristics of through-type shelves

Date: 2022-10-13 Viewed: 492

Storage shelves are divided into many different types. Some of the less popular types of shelves are used by fewer customers, and some of the more popular types of shelves have a relatively large number of customers and are relatively common in the market. The through rack is a rack that performs well in various types of warehouses, so many customers will choose this rack.


The main body of the through rack is very similar to other racks. It is also mainly composed of beams and columns, but compared with traditional shelves, through-type shelves have stronger storage capacity. In addition, the overall structure of the pass-through rack is more stable, making it easy to combine and store goods. The structure of this kind of shelf is very beneficial to the operation in the warehouse, especially in some enterprise warehouses with a single product but a large number, the through-type shelf can play a very good effect.


When using the through-shelf, you can only pick up goods from one side, that is, the through-shelf can only support the first-in, last-out storage mode. For example, in some warehouses that need to use a first-in, first-out storage model, it is not suitable to use through-shelf. The through-shelf is an integral structure and cannot be separated. We can only store products one by one inside the shelves, so there is no way to effectively improve work efficiency.


The above summarizes the characteristics of through-type shelves. At present, through-type shelves still have a good proportion in the market. If you have a headache with the storage capacity of your enterprise warehouse, you can consider using this rack to improve the storage capacity of your warehouse.

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